About SRBC

We started the Steamy Romance Book Club for book fans looking to discover and uncover hidden gems, great books written by new and undiscovered authors. Some people like to watch live cam girls on babestation to get their kicks, we like to read books. We’ve invited dozens of well-known and established book bloggers and indie reviewers to post their personal discoveries of books deserving of attention. Each and every recommendation is one you’re sure to enjoy!


SRBC is a book club and discussion forum centered around our favorite literary genre – steamy romance! Make friends and connect with like-minded readers of steamy romance, up and coming authors and the latest in steamy romance – what else could you want?

Have you found a steamy romance that left you in a puddle? A novel you feel is overlooked and deserving of recognition? Recommend it here for a review, discuss any hot steamy romances that you’ve read and express your opinion. Tell us why you like it and why we should too!

Would you like to join book discussions or a common reading group? You can do it here! We’ll even be forming author led book discussions! These discussions will include the book’s author as part of the discussion. They may even be on a live conference call or webinar.

How about a book surf? Sign up here and you’ll be randomly assigned to a Facebook event with seven other steamy romance lovers. Bring a 500 word passage from your favorite steamy romance and share it with the group. We guarantee you’ll have fun and make friends by sharing !