Flame (A Stepbrother Romance)

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Flame by Victoria Villeneuve

When I find a stepbrother romance that’s selling well and receiving good reviews, I naturally want to know if all the interest is justified. Flame, by author Victoria Villeneuve, drew such attention from me. Flame begins with a girl in hiding under a false name, Shay, in the big city (hiding from ? – we’re not allowed to know, not yet ). Shay’s brassy new girlfriend, Jenna, shows up to groom our heroine for a web development job interview at a large corporation. She sails through the interview and meets her new boss – a cad named Jason Montgomery: womanizer, seducer, and bad boy. Jason greets Shay after just finishing up from a tryst with a unnamed intern. Not my cup of tea. Self-absorbed and callous, I’m already not caring about him. But he does hold a torch for an old flame – a vanished stepsister, named Leah. And when our heroine Shay steps through his door to interrupt those somber reflections, guess what? Jason already knows Shay, as Leah – his stepsister. Leah wants to leave her new position with her buried secret intact, but Jason won’t allow it. Let the sizzle begin, and it does. It’s not long before repressed passions erupt between the two and things get complicated. The sex scenes are hot and our poor Jason just can’t keep his mind and hands off his stepsister. No more spoilers, but you can read the story without worrying about an HEA and Jason’s redemption from a life of a cad. I ended up caring about Jason and Leah and I think you will too.



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