Author Posts

This is a page which would display SRBC author posts in chronological order. We would have to determine what would be appropriate content for the posts and establish guidelines, but basically authors could post about anything they want – upcoming releases, calls for street team members, book they are working on, etc. We would probably want to establish rules about outside links. Outside links should probably be limited to website links on a ‘LINKS’ page. These links must be reciprocal, as a means to increase relevancy for ‘steamy romance’ searches.

Also on this page would be a styled, prominent link to a page that would display all SRBC authors in alphabetical order with a link to their ‘Author Page’ which would include a photo, bio, and links to their posts and reviews. Since authors might be writing some reviews, as well as thoughts on other matters, the ‘Reviews’ page should probably use some tag like ‘Review’ to get its data.